What do you need to have a good day?

We could get philosophical and have a banter about what constitutes a good day but let’s not do that. Let’s consider the simplest form of what do I need to do, have or experience to give me a sense of “today was a good day”. Is it a having on comfortable shoes, having a robust cup of coffee in the morning; is it a systematic approach that has to occur for you to feel “complete”.

When I think of the days where I’m dropping everything, bumping into things, forgetting deodorant or skipping breakfast…..and get to the car and take that deep breath, it is at that moment I am remembering I did not get my piece of morning peace. My morning routine is to start my day on the deck being greeted by the sun, watching birds and rabbits, drinking cold water and listening to nothing. This takes merely 15 minutes but it’s my piece of peace and it gives me a space to be grateful and hopeful for the day

What do you need to have a good day_.png

I challenge everyone to find that thing or experience that allows you to get grounded. A space that is void of a demand and requirement; a moment where you “stop the clock” so that you can have a good day. My routine occurs in the morning; you may have a mid-day routine or nightly routine – but get a routine so that you feel you’ve had a good day.

Here’s a few examples of some activities that you might consider incorporating into your good day:

  • Exercise at home or a gym and maybe incorporate the sauna or steam room

  • Slow down and enjoy your cup of tea or coffee before engaging with others

  • Dance (whether you believe you are good at it or not)

  • Create a beautiful place setting for yourself when you eat; not on the couch or on your bed

  • Take a slow stroll through a park

Routines are part of the human experience; we are creatures of habit. I’m encouraging you to take a look at your routines and identify the ones that help you have a good day and do more of those activities. Isolate them and identify the best time for you to engage to be a better you for yourself and others.