Are you looking for ways to calm your anger and effectively communicate with others?

Do you ever find yourself experiencing sudden bouts of anger?

Would you like to identify ways to manage your anger in professional and personal settings?

The goal is for you to gain an understanding and learn realistic and practical tips to gain control when you become angry.

I created The Mismanagement of Anger Workshop because at one time, I was you. I found myself in numerous situations that I BELIEVED confirmed and justified my negative behavior. My anger was I thought... I later learned that my emotions were “normal” but my response to anger was not healthy. I was labeled as irrational from emotional outbursts and untimely escalations. It was not attractive and I was not proud of my behavior!

I’m not just a therapist, I’m human and I practice the same concepts that will be presented in this workshop. By improving your thinking and emotional patterns you will be able to experience a new way of communicating with others and managing difficult situations without escalation.

You can do this; if I did it - so can you!