Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season


The holiday season brings with it a lot of exciting activities but time for self care isn't often among them. But how much better would your year end be if you made it a daily priority?

During these festive times, we often focus our energy on our children, partners, friends and extended family. However it's important to take stock of what kind of relationship you have with yourself. Do you grant yourself permission to take time for yourself when you are exhausted or need to rejuvenate? Do you allow yourself moments to pause or reflect? When we identify what is important to ourselves, it can allow us to have more fulfilling relationships with the people in our lives.

I invite you to do the following:

  • Explore ways to re-energize yourself: Whether it's going on a long walk, taking your dog to the park, catching up with friends over lunch, find what revitalizes you.

  • Ask yourself how often you give yourself permission to do the above.

  • How might it change your relationship with yourself and others, if you took some time out each day to do one of those acts?

  • Which one of these can you build into your daily schedule starting today?

  • And lastly consider doing something non-traditional. Take a trip to a place you've never visited, explore your own city as a tourist or hire a caterer to reduce your workload.

Remember you ARE WORTH investing in yourself. And only YOU can create the change you want in your life. This holiday season take the steps that leave you feeling energized and proud that you took care of you. That is the best gift we can give ourselves and in the end; our family still benefits from you being the best version of YOU.